Airbag issue halts XC-90 deliveries

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 06 August 2015

VOLVO says it is completing details for a recall campaign that affects all its seven-seater 2016 XC90 models across the world.

“Volvo Cars has built a reputation on safety and in an abundance of caution is preparing a recall and delivery stop for a number of model year 2016 Volvo XC90 cars,” said the automaker, in a prepared statement of key points related to the issue.

The problem is linked to the Inflatable Curtain Airbag system – it is not related to the airbag itself, but rather to the D-pillar trim panel covering the third row passenger seats, which might prevent the airbag from deploying properly in the event of a crash.

Volvo will replace these panels with redesigned ones that will allow for airbag inflation as intended when the vehicle was designed.

The company says this is not related in any way to the Takata recall saga.


The company is still setting up the final details of the campaign, so the number of affected vehicles or other details of this kind haven’t been announced yet.

Volvo says the affected vehicles can be driven, announcing it will contact customers soon in order to scheduled an appointment that will allow the faulty trim panels to be changed.

Moreover, the problem hasn’t led to a stop-sale, but the deliveries are being held back until Volvo can implement the solution.