First Impression: Porsche Boxster GTS – A very wet Porsche experience

POSTED BY ON 08 May 2015


EXCUSE the X-rated headline.

When the Greek gods decide to bring rain, it is bound to get very wet and messy. But trust the Porsche Boxster GTS to constantly regain its composure during slippery situations.

And no, we are not creating any inappropriate innuendo in saying so.

The thing is, when an invitation to a regional drive lands on your desk and it involves getting behind the wheels of not just a regular car, but a sports car, expect to have ultimate sugar rush.

Then again, if the Meteorological Department has no power to control the weather, so can’t we. By the time we landed in Singapore, what began as trickles of rain turned into a downpour which not only stung our faces but our hopes of taking the German beast to the streets.

In spite of that, we dare say that the Boxster GTS was well engineered because when you say “This car behaves well in the rain” and your driving partner agrees, you are certain about two things: Either you are driving a Porsche at a very safe speed or the car is really well-equipped.


The fact that Singapore limits all traffic speeds at 50km/h on most city roads, otherwise at 90km/h on highways, did not come as a surprise to us as we were fairly warned about this beforehand.

That said, we were keeping our fingers crossed that, maybe, we could have a free and easy ride with the Boxster GTS. No, we weren’t hoping to skip any of the designated routes to, say, park it along some curb off Orchard Road for a quick cinema session or become daredevil drivers for a day.

Rather, we wanted to experience the wheeled machine without being reminded of being under the watchful eyes of leaders and sweepers, although it was revealed earlier on that Porsche had installed a tracker in the iPhone that was lent to us.

Porsche had pre-planned six different routes for our ease of navigating around Singapore. But this country is known as a developed one for a reason. Firstly, roads are constructed and re-constructed, which meant that the car’s navigation system at times did not tally with the physical road changes.

The journey brought us from the Fullerton Bay Hotel to places such as the Kent Ridge Park, a place which without a doubt reminded us so much of Bukit Tunku, and the Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve, among many other places which defined Singapore in its own rights.


We tested the Boxster GTS’s overall capabilities, and among the things that impressed us was its cornering abilities, which it demonstrated quite handsomely, thanks to Porsche’s Stability Management system, which is their (classier) version of the electronic stability control system.

While at it, we witnessed the prowess of the mid-engine automobile. When you combine 330hp of output with 370Nm of torque and a seven-speed Doppelkupplung with both manual and automatic modes, you are content.

Although there was only so much we could do given Singapore’s strict road rules and regulations, we enjoyed the novelty of going on scenic drives along the urban areas, open highways and of course, flowing corners, in a two-seater roadster on a rainy day.

By the end of the drive, we had only good things to say about Porsche’s Boxster GTS, from its refined steering system, overall set-ups, to its rapid yet tame precision and response. Although we understand that this model will land on our shores by the third quarter of this year, there is no word yet on how much one will need to shell out for a unit.


Specifications of the Porsche Boxster GTS:

Engine: 3,436cc, water-cooled flat-six engine, direct petrol injection
Max power: 330hp @ 6,700rpm
Max torque: 370Nm @ 4,500-5,800rpm
Transmission: Six-speed manual transmission, optional seven-speed Doppelkupplung automatic
Safety features: Six airbags, PSM with ABS, ASR, ABD, MSR, BA


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