A new road for Tokyo Motor Show 2019 ?

POSTED BY Shuen Lim ON 23 October 2019

The world of auto shows is changing and there’s a shift of power to China, the world’s largest auto market.
In terms of pure metal, the Shanghai and Beijing auto shows are pulling in the crowds — both exhibitors and visitors.
But for the shows in the traditional automotive sphere such as Frankfurt and Detroit, exhibitors and visitors are peeling away.
The organisers of the biannual Tokyo Motor Show which opens on 23 October decided to take a new road for the 46th Tokyo Motor Show .

Under the theme “Open Future”, while the latest automotive trends will be featured, there will also be a focus on how the new evolving technologies in electrification, 5G telecommunications and autonomous driving will change the way we live.
It’s an existential crisis for the show organisers in the traditional circuit of auto shows.
“Unless the Tokyo Motor Show makes a paradigm shift, it won’t be able to attract more visitors,” said Akio Toyoda, chairman of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), the organiser of the Tokyo Motor Show. Toyoda is also the president of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Japan’s car sales remain the third largest in the world – after China and the US — with 527.2 million sold last year.
The Frankfurt Motor Show last month failed to attract many carmakers. From Japan, only Honda Motor Co, participated.
The downward trend was also reflected in visitors.
“Although the Tokyo Motor Show saw more than 2 million visitors in 1991, the most recent event in 2017 drew just 770,000 people,” stated the Japan Times Tokyo Motor show guide.

Also embracing the future of climate change and low emission sustainable mobility, Mazda will launch its first battery electric vehicle at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show at the Big Sight Expo site in Tokyo’s Odaiba district.

mazda MX-30 EV
The Mazda MX-30, 1st mass production EV