4×4 Adventure Club KL jamboree this weekend at Gunung Hantu Besar, Ulu Kenaboi

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 16 November 2018


The 4×4 ACKL jamboree starts this weekend at Gunung Besar Hantu, Negri Sembilan.

Competition manager, Leung Wai Keat confirmed that there would be a UTV category in addition to the open and standard categories.

“Some of the selection stages are shared by the three categories but since the UTV has only about three competitors, they will start after the Open and Standard classes,” he said.

There are also some China teams who will compete in the Standard Class with rental pick-up trucks, he said.

Camping at the event is free and the way to go to Taman Negri, Kenaboi, Jelebu is via Jalan Kampung Ulu Kenaboi, about 100 km and 2:30 hours from PJ.

Since this is a state park, the built facilities include toilets and bathrooms.

For more information, call 4×4 ACKL secretary: Steven Chan 012 370 1619 or BK Leong 016 216 6190



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