46-Years of Subaru Boxer Engines – A Brief Summary of Boxers

POSTED BY admin ON 25 July 2012

There are only two companies today that manufacture boxer configuration engines for automotive applications, Porsche and Subaru.

Subaru produced the first Japanese boxer engine in 1966, the 977cc EA52 installed in the Subaru 1000. Since then, a boxer engine has been at the center of the Subaru brand identity.

Subaru 1000, powered by Japan's first boxer engine.

Much has been said about the benefits of a boxer engine, but what is less said, and the reason why the only other company to use a boxer engine is a higher performance sports car specialist, is that boxer engines are extremely complicated to assemble.

They have more parts, take longer to produce and therefore cost a lot more compared to a conventional engine. Not even Porsche use boxer engines for their for all their models. the Panamera, Cayenne and the upcoming Macan is powered by conventional V configuration engines.

The video below from Subaru explains the unique characteristics of boxer engines as well the different manufacturing processes required to produce them.


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