3.5 Million Cumulative Sales for Toyota Hybrids, Delivers 400,000th Hybrid in Europe

POSTED BY admin ON 27 January 2012

Toyota further cemented its lead in global sales of hybrid vehicles by delivering its 400,000th hybrid model in Europe, an Auris Hybrid. The car was delivered to a Belgian customer.

We are very proud to deliver our 400,000th hybrid in Europe to a customer in Belgium where we have a strong presence with our European headquarters, our R&D centre, our parts and vehicle logistics operations,” said Michel Gardel, Vice President of Communication, External and Environmental Affairs at Toyota Motor Europe. “It shows that Belgian and European customers are not only ready to consider a hybrid vehicle purchase but for Toyota, they have been doing so in large numbers – in fact 10% of our sales in Europe were hybrid vehicles last year,” he added.

Since the first generation Prius (above) went on sale in 1997, Toyota have sold has sold more than 3.5 million hybrid vehicles (including Lexus hybrids) worldwide, representing a reduction of more than 23 million tons of CO2.

Earlier this month, Toyota was recognised by the independent European Commission and European Environmental Agency for having the lowest fleet-wide CO2 average of only 112.2 g/km, making Toyota Motor Europe the auto industry leader in low CO2 emissions. Under a study by the European Commission and European Environmental, CO2 emissions from 65 percent of each manufacturer’s lowest emitting models were tabled. Behind Toyota were second placed Fiat (115.285 g/km), followed by Citroen (118.764 g/km) and Peugeot (119.208). However, if the results were tabulated based on 100 percent of each manufacturer’s fleet, Toyota was placed second (129.056 g/km), behind Fiat’s 125.013 g/km. This is most likely due to Toyota’s large SUVs and suggests Toyota’s commercial vehicles are behind Fiat’s clean diesels.

At this coming March’s Geneva Motor Show, Toyota will be launching the latest addition to Toyota’s hybrid family – the Yaris Hybrid. The Yaris Hybrid is only available in Europe and has a similar powertrain to the recently launched Prius c (Aqua); a downsized hybrid powertrain from the second generation Prius, using the same 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine but mated to smaller electric motors.