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Top Long Weekend Hideaways For Your Family & You

POSTED BY Motorme Admin ON 30 August 2016

Living in Malaysia, we’re spoilt by the countless number of long weekends each year. As residents of a country with one of the most public holidays in the world, we consider ourselves lucky.

With a few more long weekends left this year, a lot of you are probably wondering where to go. Here’s your problem solving, idea generating, relax inducing list, enjoy!


1) Sekeping Serendah


Sekeping Serendah is located as its name says – in Serendah which is a town close to Rawang. Starting from RM300 a night, the cost of staying here for a weekend is comparable to hotels worth their salt. The difference is however, that you wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, water running and the smell of the great outdoors. Nothing more refreshing in the morning than to wake up surrounded by trees, some people say. The people at Sekeping Serendah provide activities like jungle trekking, fishing along a lake, and taking a dip in the stream that runs close by. For the golfers out there, Serendah Golf Course is only a 10-minute drive away. What makes the Serendah Golf Course is that it has been unchanged from the time it was established in 1969. This 18-hole parkland style course is a haven for avid golfers because the greens and fairways are adorned with Bermuda Grass.


2) The Dusun


Prefer something a little more cooling, in the hills perhaps? The Dusun in Seremban offers guests just that. Catch a morning swim amongst nature in one of two infinity pools overlooking the mountains for a retreat you won’t forget. There are several chalet concepts in the vicinity to choose from and even private barbeques. Let’s not forget the photo opportunities you get with this view! Rooms at The Dusun start at RM400, but trust us, it’s worth every penny! In the center of Seremban town, you will see a mysterious lake where the old Convent school used to be. This lake – wait for it – keeps filling up on its own. It doesn’t dry up even in the drought!


3) Malihom Private Estate


Malihom Private Estate in Penang is well tucked away in Balik Pulau in Penang. What sets apart Malihom from other retreats is that for RM680 a night, all meals are included. You get three meals a day so you don’t have to leave the comfort of the property in search of food. What more is that the entire property is made out of recycled wood! How cool is that?


4) Fig Tree Hill Resort


Located in Bayan Lepas, Penang, Fig Tree is paradise in the city. Away from the bustle of their tourist-packed beaches, Fig Tree Hill offers a stay in one of their many traditional houses complete with relaxing spas and a large pool – a little paradise of its own. While most of the food havens in Penang are not located in Bayan Lepas, it’s what sets Fig Tree apart from everything else – the lack of distractions. Enjoy your stay here and leave feeling calm and relaxed. From RM527 a night, Fig Tree will repair morale and energize you for the work week ahead.


5) The Happy 8



Located in the charming city of Ipoh, The Happy 8 is part of a restored old Ipoh building. While the theme if this boutique hotel is being one with nature, there isn’t a tree in sight. Instead, there are murals of trees painted on the walls of The Happy 8. For a similar sense of calm without being too far removed from the city, art and nature lovers will definitely find themselves enjoying a little piece of heaven here! Located along Jalan Market, it is the second cheapest in this list at only RM249 a night. While you’re along Jalan Market, don’t forget to have a coffee at the infamous Chokodok Reggae House. Chokodok Reggae House does not serve alcohol. Instead, you can get good coffee and enjoy great performances there.


6) Terra’s Tree House


Terra’s Tree House is the most special getaway on this list, as we guarantee that 90 percent of you would not have tried a weekend away in an Orang Asli treehouse in Cameron Highlands! At only RM160 a night, Terra’s Tree House offers you the experience of being as close to nature as it gets. Located at one of the higher parts of Cameron Highlands, Terra’s Tree House is a no-frills, back to nature type of getaway. Time to tick this off your bucket list perhaps?


7) The Rides

All these locations can easily be found on Waze, and getting to these hideouts are relatively easy. All you need is a comfortable vehicle that can carry your passengers in the pinnacle of comfort and comes with loads of luggage space.


What car could be better than the All New Kia Sportage and Kia Sorento? The Sportage is available with a sole 2.0-Litre engine and starts from RM121,888 including GST, while the Sorento is available in two engine types – diesel and petrol and starts from RM155,888 including GST. Keeping your occupants safe are Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Vehicle Stability Control (VSM), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS).