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Tips when travelling during the Raya Holidays

POSTED BY admin ON 14 June 2018

As Malaysians we love our ‘Balik Kampung’ trips. But before you get carried away here’s a last minute reminder on what you should do before heading to your Kampung and on the way back.

1. Car’s ready

The first thing you need do on your list is to check the roadworthiness of your car. Essentials include having the routine maintenance service done. Along with your vehicle service, also do take time to get your wheels and tyres looked at to ensure that they are in good condition.
If you find that they are in dire condition, mobile vehicle service providers like MisterTyre will be able to get you a replacement even at this hour. Also its advisable to get your car’s battery checked. A dead battery would render your car useless if you’re stuck in the rural parts of Malaysia for the holidays.

2. Just In Case…

So that would be just to ensure that your car is in ship shape for the holiday drive. But you’re not out of the woods yet. A couple of essentials should be packed before heading out on your holiday drive. An emergency tool kit comprising of a car jack and tools to remove a tyre will come in handy in the event of a puncture. Be sure to also have your safety bolt on board the car too. Else you will end up forking out some unnecessary ‘Duit Raya’ to the roadside assistance team.
Balik Kampung drives could take a while with everybody commuting back to their hometowns. So it could be sundown before you reach your destination. Be sure to also have a working reflective triangle and a couple of torch lights in the car, should you have a breakdown. It’s a lot better than placing a branch down the road.

3. On the beaten path

Knowing where you’re going is half the battle. Between visits to various relatives houses, it will be wise to refer to a navigation app like Waze or Google Maps. Not only will you be able to get a live update on traffic but also be able to avoid any road closures or any updates on accidents that have occurred.
The best thing about the balik kampung drives is the dining opportunities it provides. For Malaysian’s who are fasting, be sure to plan your journey ahead so your family and you can have a comfortable dining session upon breaking the fast. It would also be good to ensure there’s a safe and clean toilet in the vicinity. It may not too much of a hassle for the men, but do keep the ladies in mind.

4. Luck favors the prepared

A balik kampung drive will take you over highways and country roads. With the high volume of traffic, one could never be over prepared for emergency situations. As citizens of the New Malaysia, let’s not resort to playing the role of onlookers in the event of an accident. Be the one to respond to such and emergency and do your part in helping those in need.
Always have the emergency contact numbers like the highway roadside assistance, insurance roadside assistance, and the emergency services with you. It may not be helpful for you but it could make a huge difference for those who need it. It would also be good to have an emergency First Aid kit in the car during such emergencies.

With these simple tips, we hope that your family and you have a pleasant Balik Kampung drive this Hari Raya. Stay safe on the road and savor the motoring moments this festive season.