Parking made easy with new app

HOW many of us loathe going anywhere on the weekends and after work because of the hellish parking situation?

How many times have we complained about how much time was wasted just to find a parking spot?

Parking has been a persistent problem in Malaysia, and one that is increasingly frustrating for Malaysians.

Studies have indicated that 67 percent of Malaysians have difficulty finding parking in shopping malls.

Malaysian company, ParkEasy, launched its peer-to-peer parking app that it says will tackle the everyday problem of locating vacant parking spots.

“The inspiration for this app came from our common experiences wasting time looking for a parking space.” said Warren Chan, CEO of ParkEasy.

“We hear Malaysians complain about parking almost every day…Why not let technology do the work for you? It helps you save time that can be better spent doing things that matter – like being with your family and friends.”

“We built the ParkEasy app as a platform for all our users to solve the parking problem together as a community,” explained Eric Tan, CTO of ParkEasy.

“The location list grows organically. If there are enough users at a specific location – wewill add itto the app.”

The ParkEasy app works pretty similarly to other peer sharing apps such as Uber and AirBnB where those looking for parking spots, or“Parkers” (main video), will be matched to those about to exit their parking spots, aka “Leavers” (below).

Parkers will use ParkEasy credits for the convenience of easy parking – and these credits will be earned back when they become Leavers.”