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MisterTyre; the best ‘tyre shop’ in Klang Valley?

POSTED BY admin ON 25 June 2018

“Where can I get good cheap tyres?” A common line that circulates in Whatsapp groups and Facebook, car owners often struggle to find the best deal for their car’s tyres. With random tyre choices from tyre shops scattered around the Klang Valley, its hard work to make sure you get the right tyre choice, for the right price. Most tyre shops do not carry more than 5 or 6 brands for a particular size. Plus they always insist that whatever brand that they carry is the best, making it hard to make an apple to apple comparison. Fear not, for there may be a way out of this ordeal.


We have toyed with the MisterTyre app previously and we loved it. A highly skilled mobile service team that works on your car past office hours at a location of your choice does sound like a dream come true. However, we decided to test MisterTyre’s value for money credentials. We would like to see if MisterTyre could provide us with the cheapest tyres for a particular size when compared to other established tyre shops in the Klang Valley.


The Tyre Size

For this test, we used a Volkswagen Jetta Sports 1.4 TSI as the test car. The Jetta in question here came with the optional 17 inch rim, so we were on a lookout for 4 pieces of 225/45/17 tyres. We went to 3 established tyre shops in the Klang Valley, around the PJ – Subang vicinity to get some quotes on tyres of this size. Later, we would compare the options provided and decide on the best one.


Option 1 : GS Accessories, Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya

GS Accessories carries the Continental brand tyres as its main choice. An established shop, they carried a few options for this size.

Bridgestone RE003 – RM395
Michelin PS4 – RM 560
Hankook V2 – RM 280


Option 2: Lim Tayar USJ

Lim Tayar is a known brand and has several shops around the Klang Valley. We were hoping to get a good option from them and they offered the following options

Michelin PS4 – RM580
Hankook Ventus V12 – RM 395
Nexen N5000 – RM 350

They did not have any other options beyond that for this size.


Option 3: Top Gold Tyres

Located near the PJ traffic police division, this Michelin branded shop provided us with 4 options with varying price ranges, which were;

Pirelli P Zero – RM 850
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 – RM 540
Hankook Ventus V12 – RM 370
Leyton – RM 280


Alignment charges were not included in this price, as that was an extra RM45 on top of paying for all 4 tyres.


MisterTyre Options

The app provided us with no less than 14 brands to choose from with more than one option from a brand! Talk about being spoilt for choice. Each brand is segregated into 3 categories, value, mid-range and premium. This allows you to choose a tyre to favor your budget.
From the app, these are the options we narrowed down and this is how the prices in MYR compared;

Brand MisterTyre GS Accessories Lim Tayar Top Gold Tyres*
Bridgestone RE003 471 395 NA NA
Michelin PS4 From 550 560 580 540
Hankook V12 343 NA 395 370
Hankook V2 274 280 NA NA
Nexen N5000 312 NA 350 NA
Leyton NA NA NA 280


*excluding wheel alignment for Volkswagen Jetta


From the chart above, it’s pretty obvious that the prices on the MisterTyre app are significantly cheaper across the board compared to regular shops, which includes the cost of them coming to you!

The Choice

Since the Jetta is mainly used for daily commute and for occasional highway driving, we decided on settling for the Hankook Ventus V12. For the price, you get a tyre that’s quiet, comfortable and still provide reasonable amount of grip for the turbo-supercharged saloon. In the end, the owner spent a total of RM 1372 for a set of 4 brand new Hankook V12 tyres. This included wheel alignment and balancing which was done on site.

The Conclusion

The best part about this service is that the booking was done in the same day. After scouting for prices from all the other shops, the owner decided in an impromptu fashion to proceed with the booking and there were slots available after 5pm, and it proved to be worthwhile. The owner did not pay a single cent extra for their transport charges. And while the car was worked on, the owner was sitting in his garden enjoying a hot tea, instead of sitting in a workshop after braving rush hour traffic. Now this is something we can’t put a price tag on.