Look, no hands — BMW shows off self-balancing bike

BMW has introduced its vision of the future of motorcycling in Los Angeles – a sleek concept bike that’s self-balancing.

With the help of gyroscopes, the rider never has to put down a foot. The sleek, black bike is supposed to stay upright even when it is standing still.

It was ridden into an aircraft hangar on Wednesday and did a round on a turntable as a demonstration.

“The world is rapidly changing. New solutions are needed,” said BMW Board of Management Chairman Harald Kruger.

BMW’s goal, he says, is to “shape tomorrow’s premium mobility” – an integration of vehicles and technology.

The bike’s carbon fibre shell is shaped like a menacing wedge. A turn of the handlebars redirects the bike. It boasts zero carbon emissions and has incorporated driver assistance, a camera-based sensor technology, making it essentially an anti-crash motorcycle.

No helmet or any other protective gear should be needed because the bike is intelligent enough to avoid accidents and hazards, BMW says.

One feature of this system is called the Visor, a set of spectacles that are controlled through eye movements. It also has a self-balancing system.


Krueger used the introduction of the visceral concept to highlight BMW’s intense focus on preparing for the future.

“BMW Technologies are getting smarter by the day. They can learn from humans and adapt accordingly,” he said. While we won’t see this blockbuster bike winding up the California coast anytime soon, he mentioned the upcoming debuts of the BMW i8 Roadster and the BMW iNEXT in 2021, BMW’s take on self-driving cars — a future that’s not so far off.