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Land Rover Owners of Malaysia LROM recce of Hulu Nerus in Hulu Terengganu

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 19 August 2018

Land Rover Owners of Malaysia (LROM) 4×4 recce to Hulu Nerus and Hulu Terengganu by Yamin Vong and Stephen Nield. And in collaboration with NST Bureau Chief Rosli Zakaria; Bakri , Jaizam and Amin from Jabatan Perhutanan Negri Terengganu; Wahab and Kamal from Asrama Raya Sdn Bhd, the concessionaire for Hulu Nerus. We were supported by jungle craft experts Ujang and Suhaimi.

Date: August 13-15.


We managed to recce the two sites over the three days.

  1. Hulu Nerus is located within Asrama Raya’s 10,000 ha concession and the way in is about 20km. It took us 90 minutes as the ground was very dry. But with the steep inclines, it would be a five hour challenge if there was rain and the ground was soaked. The camp site is a sandy beach which can easily accommodate 20 trucks on the main river bank. Water is crystal clear, and fish abound. Permission is required from the State Forestry Department and, it would be proper to inform the concessionaire.

It would be good to try this track when timber extraction is stopped for four months during the monsoon season. Must be prepared to clear rubbish.


  1. Hulu Kasap, Hulu Terengganu.

This is a small campsite good for about 10 pax, with two trucks inside and the other trucks parked outside the anti-elephant electric fence. The water is crystal clear and there is a 30 foot deep lubok about 10 minutes hike upstream. Huge fish are expected. Many frogs too. The off-road track is less than one km from the kampung road. Must be prepared to clear rubbish



For dry season, normal AT tyres are adequate. For the wet season, Simex extreme trekkers, minimum 33”, would be preferred.

The Concession shoes it’s general-purpose Hilux with Maxxis Buckshot Mudder (mud terrain) tyres.

The Hilux which go to the extreme off-road, beyond the range of the general-purpose Hilux, are fitted with Silverstone MT 117 EX, which are Simex Centipede type extreme off-road tyres.


Travelling from KL to Hulu Nerus: start at Gombak toll at 7 am and plan the journey to arrive at Mr Baung Restoran at 12:30, just in time to savour the freshly fried fish and ikan patin cooked in assam curry or with tempoyak (fermented durian paste). Then it’s about two hours to the campsite in good weather. Plan for a five hour winching challenge if the ground is wet.