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Kawasaki biker girls tour the nation

POSTED BY Vishal Bhaskaran ON 18 May 2015

Women can do anything men can do, and they can make it look good too.

A 25-member contingent from the Kawasaki Lady Bikers Club successfully circumvented Peninsular Malaysia in a trip spanning five days in the Kawasaki Lady Bikers Club Peninsular Ride, the first ever all-ladies ride for Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (KMSB).

The club, which has a total of 75 members, rolled out from KMSB Glenmarie on April 30 and returned to Kuala Lumpur on May 4 having covered a total of 2161km, with overnight stops in Perlis, Kota Bharu, Mersing and Melaka.

Kawasaki Lady Bikers Club group photo

KMSB provided four trained ride marshals along with a service vehicle to accompany the riders for the entirety of the trip, which included almost the entire lineup of KMSB bikes available in Malayisa ranging from the Z250 all the way to the Z1000.

“It’s no easy feat accomplishing the entire journey given that some of the bikers have only just recently taken up biking and we are proud to be able to support these ladies who choose premium Kawasaki bikes as their choice” said KMSB assistant general manager Awaluddin Md.Lip.

He also added that KMSB is proud to be able to support and fuel the passion of the all ladies club, even throwing a lunch for them at the Holiday Inn Glenmarie on May 16.

It is safe to say that an all-ladies trip, including marshals and support crew, will happen sooner rather than later.

For other Kawasaki riders keen on saddling up for a trip, the next upcoming event is the Kawasaki ‘CKD’ ride to Trengganu from May 29 – 31 for Kawasaki bikes distributed locally by KMSB.


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