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Jeep Malaysia: Another victim of the mighty US dollar.

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 31 July 2017

We saw a sad face at one of the Hari Raya open houses recently. The man said he had left Jeep Malaysia because there were no more cars to sell.

To learn more about this story, we drove by the Jeep showroom at Glenmarie and we noticed an empty parking lot and only two Jeeps in the showroom.

A quiet and empty parking lot greets visitors.

A quiet and empty parking lot greets visitors.

The good news is that the Jeeps are going at a closing-down-sale price. There are two Grand Cherokee Ltd (3.6 litre V6) that are now available at RM300,000+ per unit, down from the listed RM448,000.

The last Cherokee Trailhawk (2.4 litre) is for sale at RM230,000, down from the listed RM378,000.

When these Jeeps were ordered three years ago, the USD was RM3.20. Today, it’s RM4.20.

One multi-brand veteran car dealer criticised the strategy of the Jeep franchise holder, DRB-HICOM.


“In the Malaysian automotive industry, generally speaking, CKD (complete knock-down) is everything.

“The franchise holder should have picked one Jeep model and locally assembled it for the Malaysian and Southeast Asian market.

“I’m sure there are many Jeep enthusiasts in Indonesia and Thailand,” he said.

Commenting on that, an official at Jeep Malaysia said, “Jeep doesn’t place a priority on the Malaysian market. As for the Southeast Asian market, Jeep knows even less about that. Jeep is doing so well in China that Malaysia and Southeast Asia that they fall below its radar.

“As for CBU (complete built-up) cars, we have to bear an import tax starting from 105% and another 30% of excise tax,” he said.