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Classic Minis traverse three states

POSTED BY Ayisy Yusof ON 07 September 2015

AFTER thousands of Ringgit and time spent on restoration work, proud classic Mini collectors have shown their support by participating in the “3 State Run 2015” event.

A leisure day trip across Selangor, Pahang and Perak, organised by the Mini Owners Group Malaysia (MOGM), has gathered more than 58 classic Minis.

The event kicked started from the BHPetrol station in Karak before embarking to Raub, Sungai Koyan and to the final destination of Ringlet in Cameron Highlands.

MOGM president Sam Daud told Cars, Bikes & Trucks that the 444km convoy was well supported by members Mini owners.

Aiming to gather all Classic Mini owners in Malaysia and sharing mutual interest and expertise, the 3 State Run 2015 went through winding routes in their nimble Minis.

“It was fun because we could drive our Minis together with other owners and enjoying nature and local delicacies as well,” said MOGM committee member Lan.

Enthusiastic Classic Mini couple Faizal and Ezeeka were also present, saying they had spent about RM70,000 on refurbishing their beloved 1976 Mini Mark 3.

“We did a lot of reconditioning work on the exterior and interior cabin to make our Mini look attractive while restoring the design cues. Somehow, it took us about three to four weeks to get the spare parts being delivered to the mechanics as it was imported from the United Kingdom.”

Daenesh Kumar, 26, who started joining the group in 2012, said owning their Classic Mini required various stages of restoration work to keep the car well-maintained.

“My 1978 Mini Clubman is now age 35 years old. It’s my job to maintain the exquisite look of the car,” he said.

“Everyone has its own preference to make their cars to be different. To date, I spent roughly RM20,000 on the restoration work of my Classic Mini.”

On another note, Mohd Farid, 31, who came all the way from Padang Besar Perlis, was excited to participate in the event with his 1969 Mini Austin Cooper Mark 1.

“I enjoyed driving the classic Mini as it gave me an adrenaline rush when I drove it through winding routes. Although it is an old car, that retro feeling you got behind the wheel keeps it alive.”

MOGM has previously organised other events including a convoy drive across Negeri Sembilan, Pahang and Selangor, with the Mini 55th Anniversary drive the biggest event last year.

For more information on MOGM, contact Sam Daud at 012-424 2170, Lan at 012-285 5604 or join the Mini Owners Group Malaysia Facebook page.