Celebrating Raya with a new Mitsubishi vehicle

15 May 2017

Malaysia is blessed with a diverse ethnic group that celebrates various festive occasions throughout the year.  What this means is, apart from the much-awaited shopping…

Auspicious Numbers

Your Personalised Car Number – Make it an Auspicious One

27 March 2017

Make your personal car number an auspicious one. At last year’s Malaysia Autoshow, we had a few lifestyle booths with one featuring a Divinity Counter…


Monthly Sales and Production Statistics for February 2017

21 March 2017

The Malaysian Automotive Association recently released the vehicle production and sales numbers for the month of February. Sales volume in February 2017 was 5% or…

Auto Fest cover design

My Auto Fest 2016: Why TIV matters

08 April 2016

THE shorter working month of February and stringent hire purchase loan approval terms and conditions are among the factors contributing to the dip in vehicle…

MAA president Datuk Aishah Ahmad

My Auto Fest 2016: Mad rush for Raya car shopping

08 April 2016

EVERYONE is more than ready for the upcoming Hari Raya festive season. The question is – is your car too? It’s a mad rush for…

Oh Toh 20

Master Oh Toh – S400L Hybrid consumption

02 April 2016

I’m skeptical about the claimed fuel consumption of hybrids cars in Malaysia. I’m not referring to the Toyota Camry Hybrid as I’ve no personal experience…

Oh Toh 28

Master Oh Toh – Affordabel C-segment model

31 March 2016

I need a suggestion for a family car to replace my old Proton Gen 2. I’m looking for a similar hatchback style of car but…


Master Oh Toh – Clean and classy C-Class

28 March 2016

I’ve always have an interest in that Mercedes-Benz W203 series, in particular the C180K or C200K model (year 2005/2006) of this series. Now that the…


Master Oh Toh – Mid-sized SUV

24 March 2016

I currently have a Mazda CX-9 and I love it, despite the lack of auto retractable side-mirrors. The car is huge, and that never really…

2004 Toyota Hilux Invincible

Master Oh Toh – A robust ride

21 March 2016

My hometown is in Terengganu but I’ve been living and working in Kuala Lumpur for more than 30 years. The roads around my kampung are…


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