YS CHAN has a wealth of experience in the automotive industry, transport, training and consultancy. After securing a diploma in automobile engineering, Chan served in Champion Motors, Federal Auto, Tan Chong and Wearne Brothers in sales, service and spares (3S of the motor industry) before becoming maintenance manager for the largest fleet of tour buses, limousine taxis and rental cars in the country. He then set up and operated several car rental and leasing companies – from Mayflower, Ken-Air, CityLimo and Asia Experience.

He was in the pioneer batch of motor insurance agents when licensing was introduced in 1973 and went on to become a business consultant for the travel industry and operated a training centre. His next stop was principal of the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) School of Tourism and was later appointed its consultant. A certified trainer for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Motac), Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) and the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), he is currently a liaison manager for MATTA.

When jobs and home swapping can reduce terrors of commuting

07 October 2016

By Y S CHAN THE Selangor government unveiled a transportation master plan incorporating light rail transit (LRT), bus rapid transit (BRT), personal rapid transit (PRT),…

Uber — Risky business to invest in?

26 September 2016

By Y S CHAN IN April 2005, Accel Partners paid US$12.7 million (RM52.41 million) for a 15 percent stake in Facebook. By 2012, the start-up…

What if Uber had stayed away from Malaysia?

23 September 2016

By Y S CHAN IN August 2014, UberX was introduced in the Klang Valley with a starting fare of RM1.50, RM0.55/km and RM12/hour. Budget taxi…

Uber thumbs nose at Minister, starts up in Sarawak

15 September 2016

By Y S CHAN ON Sept 13, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Nancy Shukri warned that Uber must obtain a state licence to…

Taxi permit forms — SPAD information confuses

09 September 2016

By Y S CHAN ON Sept 6, I called 1 800 88 7723 to inquire whether application forms for taxi permits could be downloaded from…

Let fair competition rule in bus services

29 August 2016

By Y S CHAN UNDER the Urban Public Transport National Key Result Area (UPT NKRA), the Interim Stage Bus Support Fund (ISBSF) was set up…

Taxi drivers should stop their moaning

22 August 2016

By Y S CHAN TAXI DRIVERS are the most demanding self-employed people in this country, no thanks to politicians trying to win their votes and…

Rideable luggage set to be a hit

15 August 2016

By Y S CHAN MANY heavy suitcases are fitted with a set of wheels, allowing them to be dragged instead of being carried. Some have…

Taxi industry needs revamp or face bleak future

19 July 2016

By Y S CHAN THE local taxi industry has remained largely unchanged over the past decades. In Peninsula Malaysia, the authority that issues taxi licences…

Commercial vehicle driver training needs revamping

14 July 2016

By Y S CHAN DRIVING institute operators have come out against the proposed exemption of Public Service Vehicle (PSV) licence for taxi drivers. They fear…


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