His first step into automotive journalism was during his cadet ship in Business Times in 1980 where his seniors were heavyweight writers about the world of business and finance. "My News Editor, Charles Chan, passed the car launch assignments to me, the young one, because these were considered below the dignity of the seniors such as A Kadir Jasin or Ahmad Talib or Bob Teoh to attend. "Of course, I was openly delighted and in 1981, Charles assigned me to attend the 1981 Tokyo Motor Show on the invitation of UMW-Toyota. At that show, many carmakers demonstrated their progress in turbochargers. Today, we can have a perspective of the three-cylinder turbocharged engine in the BMW i8.


Chance of success for the new Proton Zejiang Geely’s partnership?

06 July 2017

A recent article on the Visual Capitalist website analysed the failure of some historic American car marques. From Studebaker to Hummer, the fall of these…


An electric Lotus supercar soon?

05 July 2017

Li Shufu, the chairman of Zhejiang Geely, is famous for his public expressions of passion for Volvo, a Swedish car brand that punched above its…


Honda Accord 2.4 VTi-L – Practical innovation

15 June 2017

Has Honda succeeded in making a top-selling car even better? Motorme.my recently took a drive in the new Honda Accord that was launched late last…


Capacity building in petrol electric hybrids: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and the Malaysia Automotive Institute join hands

05 June 2017

One point of contention in the automotive industry is that companies selling hybrid cars are not doing enough to build human capital in this new…


The disruption that Geely brings

29 May 2017

I had my first impression of Geely at the Shanghai Autoshow in 2009. One impression was that Geely had an overwhelming range of new models…

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Taking small steps to a big future: Honda Motorcycles in Malaysia

25 April 2017

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) has signed an agreement with Honda Motor Co Ltd to export the RS150R, a 150cc under-bone motorcycle. An initial shipment of…

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Introducing the end-of-life for vehicles policy

17 April 2017

Expect another end-of-life for vehicle (ELV) policy to be introduced in Malaysia this year. It is understood that this policy will be carried out more…


Fuelling the appetite for biodiesel

05 April 2017

Malaysia and Indonesia are the world’s largest producers of palm oil and, most recently, palm biodiesel. Both countries want to promote palm biodiesel because its…


New Porsche 3S Centre opens its doors in Penang

21 March 2017

Sime Darby Auto Performance SdnBhd (SDAP) – the official importer and distributor of Porsche vehicles in Malaysia – opened its first 3S (sales, service and…


Big opportunities for ride-hailing industry in Malaysia

19 October 2016

By YAMIN VONG (yamin.vong@gmail.com) We went to the Land Public Transport symposium yesterday to check out the happenings in the industry. What we observed was…


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