A new tolling system using RFIDs? I hope not

17 August 2018

Pay tolls with RFID instead of Touch ‘n Go and Smart Tag? Think again if you value the money in your bank account. Suddenly last…

Thailand’s Electric Vehicle industry increasing its lead in Asean

16 August 2018

  Thailand increases its lead in ASEAN’s pure electric vehicle market Thai company, Risen Energy, has bought 1,101 BYD e6 battery electric vehicles to be…

New Mazda showroom in Jelutong, Penang. “to capture fast growing market”

09 August 2018

  Land is gold in Penang and even deep-pocketed Bermaz Motor could not convince the landlord to sell the property for its 85th outlet. It…

Who moved the car! Toyota Grabs pace towards mobility

07 August 2018

  Who moved the car!   Transport Minister YB Anthony Loke is a practical and no-nonsense guy. Recently, he vetoed a Malaysian start-up that desired…

Towards a safer road transport for tourists

06 August 2018

Over the years, the Malaysia Productivity Centre (MPC) had engaged with many stakeholders on “Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burdens” (RURB), with the latest on road and…

Jokowi urges the Indonesian automotive industry to look forward

02 August 2018

      Jokowi opens the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show and warns against domination by car companies. Regarding this, President Joko Widodo described four…

Malaysia’s third national car — POEM

31 July 2018

  Malaysia’s Third National Car to be driven by industrial policy or environment policy? Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Regarding your answers at the Parliament…

Malaysia’s toll highways getting more deadly

24 July 2018

Dear Minister of Works, YB Baru Bian We think you can prevent more road deaths than any other person in Malaysia. You need to leverage…

Another national car? what about new energy vehicles

17 July 2018

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Please don’t take it personally that many Malaysians don’t want another national car. We already have three, counting Naza. And…

New Honda HR-V, champion of the compact SUV class

12 July 2018

Kuala Lumpur, 12 July   The new Honda HR-V is now ready for booking and deliveries will start from the third quarter of this year….