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Cars to fit every type of Family – The Welterweight Family

POSTED BY admin ON 13 June 2018

Cars to fit every type of Family

Transporting your family can be a tedious proposition if you do not have the right tool to aid you in the process, which is why choosing the right family car is essential. The family car will have to perform multiple duties like doing the office commute, doubling as the activity vehicle and also transport for the weekend groceries. Therefore not only will it have to handle the urban commutes, but also ace at the all-important ‘balik-kampung’ drives.

Space alone will not be enough to satisfy the purpose of a family car. Features, flexibility, ease of ownership and most important of all, safety will be the biggest influencers in making the right choice. To help you make the right choice, here’s a list of family cars that will suit all sizes and budgets.

The welterweight family

Once the kids increase in size, so does the number of activities. From school runs to extra activity runs, the family car will now have to provide additional space for the growing need.

Below RM100,000

Perodua Alza SE AT (RM54,219.07)

1. Proven Perodua Reliability

Perodua has enjoyed a much better reliability track record compared to even some of the Japanese brands. Having a family chariot which comes with such a track record would be invaluable. Nobody would like to have an impromptu picnic by the road side during a ‘balik-kampung’ drive while waiting for a tow truck right?

2. 7 seat layout for the price

This is a proper 7 seat vehicle. Do not be fooled by its dainty proportions, this car can truly take in 7 adults with ease. Plus the access to the 3rd row is not too bad either. And all this for only RM50,000.

3. Frugal even on full load.

The Alza is powered by the same 1.5 liter engine from the Myvi. Its punchy enough even under full load and returns over 400km for a full tank of fuel on the highway. It’s also a very good as a vehicle for Grab drivers, especially since it seats 6 passengers.

Between RM100,000 – RM200,000


Honda CR-V TC-P remium 2WD (158,225.00)

1. Honda Sensing Safety tech

Honda Sensing, which is a safety feature that includes lane keeping assist, autonomous braking and other features, are more commonly found in cars above the RM200,000 price range. To have all this technology available for a family SUV costing less than RM170,000 is nothing short of amazing.

2. Space and grace

Size matters, and being one of the biggest SUV’s in its class, the Honda CR-V is indeed the front runner in terms of space and practicality. The wheelbase is big enough to free up those precious legroom and there’s plenty of headroom too for tall passengers. On the outside, the imposing front bumper gives the car a masculine presence. The LED headlamps though adds a futuristic touch on what is otherwise an unmistakably familiar face.

3. Value

Honda cars have recently held their value higher than its competitors and the same could be said with the new Honda CR-V. You’re more likely to retain most of the vehicles value 3 to 5 years down the road compared to its rivals. Also Honda’s relatively inexpensive servicing could also be helpful with the ownership experience.

Over RM 200,000


Mercedes-Benz GLC 43 AMG 4MATIC CKD (RM442,486.97)

1. It’s a Mercedes-Benz SUV

Which means it’s a sensibly made family SUV with all the latest safety and convenience features. What more could you want for a family vehicle? The GLC has the better interior cabin design compared to its rivals from the other German brands. There’s a touch screen with extensive information shown, power boot, and even a Burmester audio system for some models that really makes the in-car experience a real indulgence.

2. It’s an AMG

So why not we up the ante a little and spec the car in AMG trim? The GLC 43 comes with a beastly 3.0 liter 362bhp, biturbo V6 engine, with some input from AMG. With adaptive dampers, a 9 speed gearbox, 4Matic all-wheel-drive system and huge 275 section tyres, this car is indeed a drivers machine, and possibly the fastest way to get the kids to school!

3. Proven track record on aftersales support

Mercedes-Benz has a proven track record of reliability on most of its cars. Even if you do face a problem, the local dealers are more than capable of sorting them out. So do not feel guilty that you are indulging on a reckless, high powered hot-rod SUV. In truth it’s a reliable Mercedes-Benz SUV after all.