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Cars to fit every type of Family – The Supersize family

POSTED BY admin ON 16 June 2018

Cars to fit every type of Family

Transporting your family can be a tedious proposition if you do not have the right tool to aid you in the process, which is why choosing the right family car is essential. The family car will have to perform multiple duties like doing the office commute, doubling as the activity vehicle and also transport for the weekend groceries. Therefore not only will it have to handle the urban commutes, but also ace at the all-important ‘balik-kampung’ drives.

Space alone will not be enough to satisfy the purpose of a family car. Features, flexibility, ease of ownership and most important of all, safety will be the biggest influencers in making the right choice. To help you make the right choice, here’s a list of family cars that will suit all sizes and budgets.

The Supersize family

By supersize we are not talking in kilograms but in the number of family members. When the count exceeds 5 then you would need a car with at least 7 seats. This is where the people carriers or MPV’s come in handy.

Below RM150,000

Toyota Innova X (RM125,324.28)

1. Good Safety Features

The Toyota Innova is a 7 seater with a lot of safety features thrown into it. With an ASEAN NCAP score of 5 stars, ISOFIX harnesses, this MPV comes with 7 airbags. This gives the head of the family a much needed peace of mind when commuting with the rest of the family.

2. Rugged layout

A little known fact, the Innova’s is actually based on the underpinnings of the Toyota Hilux. This gives the car a more elevated ride height compared to its rivals. Also this allows the Innova to be driven on more challenging terrain without having to resort to buying an SUV.

3. Plenty of kit for price

Despite the excellent safety and robustness, the Innova is great value. Relatively inexpensive in terms of running cost, even the top of the range Innova 2.0X with its 8 inch DVD touchscreen infotainment system cost under RM130,000.


From RM150,000 to RM200,000

Kia Grand Carnival (RM178,249.95)

1. It’s a diesel

Malaysian’s need to warm up to diesel cars, and here’s why. Despite being only 2.2 liters in capacity, this diesel engine produces a whopping 440Nm of torque at only 1750rpm. What this means is if you have your entire house packed into the Kia Grand Carnival, it will still climb all the way to the top of Genting Highlands, no sweat. And on the highway, it’s going to save a ton of fuel too.

2. Biggest seats ever

The cushion in the Kia Grand Carnival has to be one of the most comfortable seats we have tried in an MPV. Even the middle seat on the second row is comfy instead of being a harsh bench. This comfort and space is a much needed boost for those with a big family.

3. Good safety features

Kia has really undergone a sort of a renaissance process. Their cars are no longer pushovers but are the trend setters of the class. That’s apparent with the Kia Grand Carnival, with its 5 Star ANCAP safety rating, 6 airbags and active safety features.


Above RM200,000

Mercedes-Benz V Class AMG Line (RM434,851.19)

1. One of the biggest cars on sale

Size does matter with this car. At 5140mm in length, it’s a full 1.2 meters longer than a Proton Iriz. It’s also 1880mm in height, which is only 10cm shorter than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. So despite having all 7 seats up, the V-Class can still hold 610 liters of cargo.

2. Standard kit levels

From customizable cabin layout via its pilot seats, rear climate control, electric door handles, this luxury people mover does provide a whole lot of kit for its price. Not to mention the type of materials used, it’s truly a unique experience.

3. It’s a diesel

And despite all the luxury and weight that comes along with a car this size, you will not be spending all your fortune on fueling it. The car is powered by a 2.2 liter turbodiesel engine and drive is sent via a 7 speed automatic gearbox. Not only will the diesel engine be able to move this behemoth effortlessly, it will also return an amazing fuel consumption figure thanks to the 7 speed autobox.