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Cars to fit every type of Family – The Starter Pack

POSTED BY admin ON 13 June 2018

Cars to fit every type of Family

Transporting your family can be a tedious proposition if you do not have the right tool to aid you in the process, which is why choosing the right family car is essential. The family car will have to perform multiple duties like doing the office commute, doubling as the activity vehicle and also transport for the weekend groceries. Therefore not only will it have to handle the urban commutes, but also ace at the all-important ‘balik-kampung’ drives.

Space alone will not be enough to satisfy the purpose of a family car. Features, flexibility, ease of ownership and most important of all, safety will be the biggest influencers in making the right choice. To help you make the right choice, here’s a list of family cars that will suit all sizes and budgets.

The Starter Pack

Small families, or first time parents, will have a lot to adjust to. A new family member, new responsibilities, new routines and not to mention all-new expenses. Therefore its best that they do not do a drastic change in terms of what car they buy. Here are the options based on price brackets

Under RM50,000

Proton Persona 1.6 Executive CVT (RM49,937.80)

1. Value for money

The 4 door Proton Persona is much longer than the Perodua Myvi. Infact, it offers nearly double the luggage space compared to the Myvi (277 liters vs 510 liters). Despite this the Proton, even in its highest spec, is cheaper than the similar spec Myvi. Plus it’s also the better driver’s car so you won’t feel shortchanged in the fun department.

2. Good active and passive safety features

The Proton Persona 1.6 Premium CVT features an ASEAN NCAP score of 5 stars, and has 6 airbags. Along with that there’s ABS with EBD, stability control and 2 ISOFIX harnesses in the rear. For a car with the space and price the Persona sports, this is a lot of kit.

3. Space and pace

As mentioned earlier, the Proton Persona, at 4387mm in length, the Proton Persona offers plenty of space for its RM50,000 price tag. Also the 1.6 liter engine offers plenty of grunts. With the drive going through a CVT gearbox, you can achieve decent fuel consumption figures if you were to drive carefully.

Between RM50,000 – RM 150,000

Peugeot 2008 1.2 PureTech (RM106,693.92)

1. Class-leading Safety Features

First off, Peugeot 2008 comes with 6 airbags, a whole host of electronic aids like ABS, EBD, and ISOFIX child seat harness. But the best thing about the Peugeot 2008 is its safety rating. This car scores a perfect 5 stars in both the Euro NCAP as well as the ANCAP (Australia) safety ratings.

2. Excellent power without the economic burden

Don’t be fooled by the 1.2 liter engine. The 2008 PureTech’s turbocharged 3 cylinder engine produces 110bhp and most importantly, 205Nm of torque at only 1500rpm. In short, this car makes more torque than the average 2 liter non-turbocharged engines on sale today. Despite that, it could do a claimed range of over 1000km on its 50 liter fuel tank.

3. A Crossover layout

With the raised ride height and a significantly bigger dimension to its stable mate the 208, the 2008 PureTech not only provides extra space in the cabin, but also in the trunk. It’s Crossover layout and raised ride height makes it the perfect car to iron out those nasty portholes on urban roads and also handy for that weekend trips out of town.

Above RM 150,000

Volvo V40 T5 R Design (170,686.67)

1. Unquestionable safety track record, passive and active

There’s no need to dispute this, Volvo practically invented most of the safety features seen in the modern car today. Besides a perfect 5 star score on both the Euro NCAP and ANCAP tests, the V40 features 7 airbags, blind spot monitoring, autonomous braking and even collision warning.

2. Style and substance

With its ‘Thor-design’ front headlamps and clean interior design, the Volvo V40 is a smart looking vehicle. The talents of this car does not stop with style, it comes with an estate body style which provides a valuable 335 liters of boot space, handy when carrying the baby pram in and out of the car.

3. Performance for the whole family

Despite being a sensible family hatch the V40 offers a spirited driving experience. Both variants, the T4 and T5, have turbochaged 2 liter engines. But the T5 with 245bhp and 350Nm of torque is the one to go for. With its 8 speed gearbox, it’s a whole lot faster than its T4 sibling, it also does not consume any more fuel.